Orcutt Baptist School - Newport News, Virginia - Private School

Orcutt Baptist School

Total Student Population: 225
Students by Race
Race Count %
American Indian - Alaskan 0 -
Asian - Pacific Islander 3 1.33
Black 4 1.78
Hispanic 4 1.78
White 148 65.78
Student by Grade Count
Orcutt Baptist School Reviews

From: Kelly J Cannon | submitted: Dec 16, 2011
All the staff, students, and parents whom were ever at Orcutt Baptist School, and all the staff, students, and parents whom were ever there for many, many years, and thought of the school as home, all of these people, every single one, are to, always, and forever only be fully, humbly, and kindly be praised for their very hardworking, humble, kind, and christian efforts towards the children, the parents, the school, and the community for every single day of which they were ever present at the school. Please, also know, always, and forever, that I've written this out of no pride, or ego within myself at all. It was only written by me to humbly praise all these people, not myself at all, not one bit, and to humbly wish them all many happiness blessings, daily, from God, and great health, daily, from him, always, and forever.

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